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F.   Quick Response

1, Convenient transportation, fast arrival at

    customer site


Since the establishment of our company, we have provided system solutions for thousands of companies. Our products are all over the country, which benefits from our unique geographical advantages.


Our company is located in Laishan District, Yantai, China, adjacent to the scenic coastal road, with airports, railway stations, wharfs, long-distance bus stations and so on are within 30 minutes of travel, transportation is very convenient, which greatly facilitates the company's marketing and after-sales service work.


When customers need us, we can make use of the convenient transportation advantages, respond quickly, arrive at the customer site, carry out on-site mapping, installation and maintenance and other related work.

2,Remote Service


On-line monitoring: remote monitoring of all the operation of equipment, manage equipment information.


Fault warning: when potential dangers or faults occur In the working of the equipment, the system will automatically send a warning or warning to keeyun Service Center. Short message reminds field operators and office supervisors. Operators will issue problem solutions according to the alarm situation, so as to avoid damage to the equipment and affect the use of customers.


Remote diagnosis: Rapid diagnosis of the root causes of locking problems, remote repair problems, problems requiring manual repair can be based on the diagnosis results, ready tools to solve.


Remote debugging: remote equipment upgrade processing, through mobile phones, computers, at any time and anywhere for the plant equipment remote operation, to assist on-site personnel equipment debugging, troubleshooting.

Core Features