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E.   New Arrivals

Tubular deoiler


This equipment is a floating tubular deoiler, which can separate oil slick from water. It has a structure of oil-water separating box. It has simple structure, high deoiling efficiency and low water content of separator.


The motor power is 40W, the shaft speed is 6n/min, and the oil removal is about 5L/min.

Debris Oil Filtration and Debris Drying Equipment


It is widely used for filtering cooling lubricant oil in high-precision machining processes such as steel rolling, honing and quilting, in order to improve the processing technology, improve the surface quality of workpiece and prolong the service life of cooling lubricant (oil).


The power of the equipment ranges from 4Kw to 55Kw, and the chip handling capacity ranges from 10m3/h to 100m3/h.